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Design Challenge

For fun I took part in a design challenge.

User story

“When I write a book, I want to be able to write a few pages and have my editor and publisher make notes on them, so we stay aligned during the process.”

Tools used


My approach

For this challenge, I was inspired by Grammarly and Google Docs. As writing is a lot about focusing and not getting distracted I wanted to make the design as clean as possible.

Grammarly does a very good job here in keeping it as simple as possible. To fit the users' needs of having the editor and publisher able to make notes I designed the message board on the right side and divided it into three categories in order to keep the overview.

The colors of the small dots display the underline within the text in which the note has been made. The numbers next to the categories show how many entries or new messages for each subject are unread.

design challenge hero image

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